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Begin your unique wooden melody with our starter package. Feel first hand the effect of different wood tones with our samples, and discover special inspirations for your own living composition in our brand book.


Request our digital brand book and be inspired by new design possibilities.

Exclusive Starter Kit

With our exclusive starter kit consisting of various patterns and our brand book, you have a comprehensive basis for your own melody of living.

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Got a melody stuck in your head aleady? Our samples will help you out. Let us send you a non-binding offer.


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From more than one Hand
Each of our planks passes through ten to fourteen pairs of hands before it leaves the factory. The visual and tactile inspection is carried out by hand and ensures the best possible quality of our woodwork.
Do you have a building or renovation project and want high-quality flooring, wall and ceiling panelling? Every project starts with a thought, share it with us.
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